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Whitehat Codes – Need and Importance of the Client Portal

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Client portal serves as an electronic gateway keeping the deliverables of the clients at one place. Same is the case with Whitehat Codes. With easy access to files, invoices, and bills, it has the feature of live chat as well.

Easy Access to Files in Client Portal

Clients can easily check out the project milestones and also send secure messages. Whitehat Codes is very easy and lightweight portal which gives access to all the files to the client at any time. You just need to enter the user name and password to access all the data and status of your project.

Dealing with the annoying requests

“Can you please resend the file again?” Such requests by the client can easily be dealt with once you start using Whitehat Codes. Who would like to check the buried mails again and again to serve the demands of the client? Maybe he asks for a doc that dates to six months ago. The simple way to keep a track of all the files and deliverables is by using the client portal.

Whitehat Codes serves as a dashboard to keep all your project data and assets in one place. This client portal is efficient enough to bridge the gap between the client and the organization or a freelancer. Whitehat Codes is coherent enough to keep your client up to date with all the progress of the project and also provide all the information which they require just in a flash.

Secured and Assured

Security is always a hot topic when we talk about client portals. Whitehat Codes offers the secure messaging system as well as password protected file access to the clients. You can log in securely and view the task management and project milestones. This client portal also allows you access to invoices and bills. With the client portal on work, clients feel satisfied to know that the project will continue with full transparency. Clients are assured of how their budget is being used.

Instant Interactions

Through the task management window and the project management view, clients can see the progress of the project and can request necessary changes or customizations just at the right time. Clients can choose the option of live chat to convey the message to you or there is another option of sending secured messages. These options are a convenient method to interact rather than going for the traditional email method.

The Need and Importance of the Client Portal

Earlier the companies and the clients used to interact with each other through emails. Although this method helped a lot as a communication pathway it was unable to keep the files and information of the projects inbounds. For this, the clients had to approach the company staff. The customer service agents and executives were ultimately there to serve the clients which kept them at bay from the other office work.

With the help of client portals, companies have given power in the hands of the customers by providing them access to all the files at any time. Whitehat Codes has lessened the strain of client queries on the company.