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QuickFix Computers

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  • author: WhiteHat Codes
  • date: March 3, 2020
  • category: Business, Cellphone, Informative Website,
  • client: Quick Fix Computers

The quickfix computers is an online informative business website aiming at repairing electronics. QuickFix fixes various devices. From the Iphone drop in the parking lot to the Liquid spilled Macbook. The company understand how traumatic it is when one breaks their favorite device. The website has been designed in manner that it accentuates the requirement of the firm. If one takes a look at the website separate sections have been carved out according to the needs of the company. A walk in section has been prepared which talks about all the issues related to the devices and how the firm can help in fixing them. A mail in repair section has also been made where all the steps about the procedure have been provided.

An online store has also been build talking about the rates repairing each problem. The website also holds a contact section through which the client can have an access to all the required details of the company. The website has been created using premium technologies like Yoast seo, WordPress, PHP, etc. The website also includes an interactive form which needs to filled in order to have an access to the online store. The portal as a whole comes out to look quite systematic helping in making the website more user engaging.