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Plum Mobile

Plum Mobile

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  • author: WhiteHat Codes
  • date: March 3, 2020
  • category: Cellphone,
  • client: Plum Mobille

It is a mobile company whose primary goal is to help its distributors succeed, what makes them stand apart from the crowd is thier ability to deliver. They listen carefully to what the client requires and then follow up by doing everything in thier power to fulfill those needs. The company hoists an informative business website which provides proper branding for every cell phone produced and marketed. The website has been designed in a well constructed fashion providing proper categories for each type of electronic.

Each model has been described distinctly which helps in making the webpage look more attractive. The website seems quite user engaging in total. At the end of each webpage all associated links have been provided in order to help the user in reaching out with ease. A popup reffered as blog has been given space in order to share with the users the reviews of the models produced by the company. The website is quite charming in it’s own way and has been created using prominent software’s like photoshopp, CSS etc. The website also holds an about us section where it explains the user about the comapny in a quite interactive form. The about section helps the user understand about thier company and the benefits of using the company.