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Malhar Mall

Malhar Mall

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  • author: WhiteHat Codes
  • date: August 3, 2016
  • category: Informative Website,
  • client: Malhar Mall

Malhar Mall is an India based Mall, it is one of it’s kind, having all the premium and economical brands, suitable for every individual. The informative website has also been set out for the mall. The website has been arranged in systematic chronology of relevant icons defining a brief outlay of the mall. The website that has been created includes well defined icons helping in making the website more appealing. The  mall contains almost all brands that a customer wants. Malhar has been consistently serving its customers an environment where one can find almost everything they desire under a single roof. The curated website has been structured in the same format as well it talks about all brands, dining spaces and several other such beneficiaries that have been provided by the mall.

The website coding might be complex, but the work done looks quite attractive and appealing to visitors. All icons have been hyperlinked from one page to another creating an organized effect. Each popup icon has been categorized in a way that it stays quite convenient and time saving at the same time. The site has been created by using prominent technologies like wordpress, PPH, Photoshop, CSS etc. A special now playing section has also been designed which helps in knowing the current show updates of movies. 2 specific sections of shopping and dining have been created for tangle free use. In the shopping section all brands have been defined with the help of popups enabling a fast and time saving website experience and helping the user to search for a specific brand with minimum struggle. The dining section includes all the food chains that are accessible to a customer in malhar. A special segment for events and offers is designed to  mention the updates regarding the same.




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