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Ivy Eb5

Ivy Eb5

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  • date: March 3, 2020
  • category: Business, Informative Website,

Ivy E5 is a company which works with the investors from all over the world to help them safely secure permanent residency in the U.S.A through tried and trusted government programs. The ivy E5 is an informative website which has been curated in a format which makes the interface quite interactive. All popups have been customized for making the interface more appealing. Sliders for pages have also been added for providing a glitch free usage to the visitor.  All  important information which is needed to be known about the company has be drafted in a separate about us section.

The website also includes a separate slider where it talks about all the monetary plans of the EB-5 program. A slider related to the projects has also been added. The website also includes a contact us section on all pages in order to receive feedbacks about the interface from the visitors. A slider related to important links has been created which talks about the news feed and the economic updates. An FAQ’s section has been inserted to answer some basic queries about their company. The home page also contains a small testimonial section which talks about the testimonials. The website in total has been curated in a pretty impressive fashion keeping all the requirements in accordance to an easy to use system. The website has been created using technologies like WordPress,  PHP,  Yoast seo, etc.