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C21 Mall

C21 Mall

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  • author: WhiteHat Codes
  • date: August 3, 2016
  • category: Informative Website,
  • client: C21 MALL

C21 Mall is an India based Mall and is one of the prime malls of Indore. An informative website has been created for mall in order to provide updates regarding the mall setup. The website has been categorized in a way that it is easily accessible. The website looks quite attractive and easy to handle at the same time. As the mall includes prominent brands and food chains the customization regarding the same have been made  in the website as well. The website contains a special section called now playing to give updates of movie timings and screenplays. A dining and shopping section has also been designed in order to help the user find out about all the brands and food chains the mall entertains.

A special events and offer segment has also been included to provide information regarding the upcoming or ongoing sales and events of the mall. Prominent software like CSS, WordPress, PPH, Photoshop, etc have been used in making this website. When we talk about the hyperlinking, the website has been linked to several other pages as well. One can see a lot of pop up icons hyperlinked. The shop section is further divided into sections of so that all categories could be accessed over when one visits the mall. Same happens with the dining section as well. The website has further made several icons to give an idea about what all brands serve you when you visit the mall.

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