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  • author: WhiteHat Codes
  • date: March 3, 2020
  • category: Business, Informative Website,
  • client: Awakened Self

The awakened self aims to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space inviting clients to share their stories; learn how to identify self defeating patterns and develop healthier strategies to create a desired change. The company also hoists an informative business website for itself. The website is organized in setup where all the information is decentralized. The interface includes a home page providing an small outlay about the firm. At the end of the homepage a section has been provided which includes the contact number along with the email details of the firm. The website also holds a blog section where it provides all the updates regarding the upcoming workshops organized. The blog section also includes a space where the company posts quotes of the month.

A practice and approach section has also been curated in order to provide all the information regarding the practices and the means of recovery on related issues.. A special services section has also been made to give a knowledge about the therapies one can have access to while using the firm. A section talking about the rates of each therapy has also been given some attention. Methods of payments have also been provided in column. the website has been designed using prominent technologies like
Ajax, Jquery, WordPress, etc.