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Following agreement of Terms and Conditions governs the use of the services offered by WHITEHAT CODES (“www.whitehatcodes.com”) and represent the understanding between an individual (you) and WHITEHAT CODES. Please go through it carefully:

Services: WHITEHAT CODES offers services including WordPress website development, website domain name registration, free personal consultation, and support of all projects for the fixed duration of the WHITEHAT CODES’s service term. WHITEHAT CODES reserves full right to change, modify, or discontinue any of these services at any time.

Privacy: WHITEHAT CODES Privacy Policy is created for safeguarding the use of collected personal information of an individual’s (you). The Privacy Policy is subject to time-to-time modification and the subscriber (you) will get an email notification about the changed Privacy Policy.

Reservation of Rights: WHITEHAT CODES reserves the right to:

  • Censor previously-created website that is deemed inappropriate.
  • Review and suspend an individual’s account for breaching our privacy terms.
  • Terminate an account for providing fraudulent payment information.
  • When necessary, suspend the services at any point for any duration of time.
  • You agree that we can temporarily suspend our services for maintenance purposes.

Limitation of Liability: Use the services provided by WHITEHAT CODES at your own risk. WHITEHAT CODES makes no warranties, with respect to the offered services, or any information provided about the services. WHITEHAT CODES is not responsible for any economic loss or damage from the use of the offered services by WHITEHAT CODES.

Indemnification: You are agreeing to hold WHITEHAT CODES partners, affiliates, sponsors, and employees harmless against, and to reimburse WHITEHAT CODES with respect to, any losses or damages.

By accepting this agreement, you are agreeing to abide by all above-mentioned terms and conditions that have been pointed in this Agreement. WHITEHAT CODES can terminate an account (your) at any time (with or without notice) for breaching this Agreement of Terms and Conditions.